Mohabbat ✔ #Wattys2016

Mohabbat ✔ #Wattys2016

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Noor By iamthenoor Completed

Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hai,
Kabhi hoti hai apno se,
Kabhi hoti hai sapnon se,
Kabhi anjaan raahon se,
Kabhi gumnaam naamon se...

Why does destiny always let two hearts meet when there is no way for them to be together? Why does love bounds to happen when there is no chance for them to be one? Why does fate always plays it's cruel role when there is slightest hope for two love to meet?

Experience what is Mohabbat..
The madness of love between Hawa Jahangir Khan and Hussain Asif.

P/S : Been ranked #1 in Romance.

I totally know this moments dost dost hi hote he sachi no matter what
The start was superb my first book of urs and reading on a recommendation let's see how it goes but the starting was awesome
OMG I hate when we are acting and the person next to us laughs
AsHFunkS AsHFunkS Jul 21
Hahaha lol yaar actor ki aulaad o thought he is business man aulaad
Now u really wanna make me eat falooda in the middle of the night