Why Did I Drown (Ben x Reader)

Why Did I Drown (Ben x Reader)

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Benny Bye Hoods Drowned By BenCord_Originals Updated Nov 25, 2015

CCM: Hey guys just wanted to say first chapter will be Liz, Lize and Ben's POV but in the second will be yours. OCs will be available starting now. But I promise that if any questions of Liz and Lize are my OC okay? Oh short Chatter with Ben.

Ben: Hey reader I'll be having fun with you I'll go soft or hard on you darling *licks lips*

CCM: *pushes Ben aside* Okay that's it, Ben is being a pervert again so see ya guys

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Well, BEN's being perverted again. But for some reason I like it... :T
* Gets holy water and sprinkles the device * Slenderman...I hope you taught Ben some respect for a woman
Me: *sings* you gotta know how to treat me like a laaady!!
                              Or I'll beat yo ass
Uhhhhh......, *raises hand* Um miss teacher Author? This wasn't in the game. *blushes* (Yes I'm becoming less formal!!!!!! Whoop)
im___gone im___gone Jul 03
You're lips chapped or somthin? I have some chapstick if you need it. Ben: ._. This hoe is weird, plz help.
00015631SH 00015631SH Jun 23
i know you are typing and making BEN say that because he is actually not a pervert! everyone ASSUMSE that but it is NOT true