The Nerd's Secret

The Nerd's Secret

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happychuppachups By happychuppachups Updated Apr 23, 2015

Sellyville High will be the most stereotypical high school you will ever see. With the cheerleaders, jocks, populars, hippies, memos, sluts, dramas, athletes and last but not least, the NERDS.

The school's biggest female nerd is Avery Wood. She isn't stereotypical straight A student. You may think that she would be the teacher's pet but no. She keeps to herself, doesn't participate in class and has no friends. 

The school's biggest male nerd is Dylan Parker. You'd think that he would be popular with his looks and all but he actually the most socially awkward person you will ever meet. He only has one friend being Jason Anderson. 

As everyone says, "Don't judge a book by its cover" because not everything is as it seems...

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MixedCraziness MixedCraziness Aug 01, 2016
I'm pretty sure 9/10 of the human race judge this book by it's cover
hnnhsoup hnnhsoup Sep 19, 2016
I can't relate how is 165 short... I'm around that height and like considered quite tall in school 🤔🤔