Planned Destiny

Planned Destiny

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Binnish By Binnish Updated Apr 11, 2016

"You..!!!yes you are the one because of whom I lost everything in my life. I can't stay happy... I can't breathe properly..... I lost interest in everything.... each and everything..... my life has become a mess.....all my dreams are broken like a can you do that??? I was about to loose the most Important person of my life.... just because of you...!!! I am never going to forgive you..!! Get lost and don't ever even try to show Me your face..!!!"...
I was angry... my eyes turned red... I was feeling exhausted... and then... just then................'

Zaina is a girl who lived her life pure...for her future husband .....being a muslimah marriage is one of the biggest dream of her life...

Zidan a boy with an aim of becoming an architect..... and marriage for him is the last thing on his mind....

But Allah has planned something different for them.......

will they ever fall for each other.....?

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FahmiTanji6 FahmiTanji6 Apr 05
Well ..let me ask what did you mean by geez ???....cause as far as I know its a Muslim story and they need to  call Allah or other words.  ...they can't remember geez as it is the significant of Jesus...... And remembering other lords will be sirk.
khadraomar123 khadraomar123 Mar 02, 2016
Aslm. Sister u book is gr8 but just improve on ur grammar a little. Don't feel offended ok
BeautifulButterfly_x BeautifulButterfly_x Dec 14, 2016
Please check out my new story: Complicated lives of Muslim teens . Jazakallahkhair
lostinthelight12 lostinthelight12 Dec 30, 2016
Girl ill give you a reason you dont love him and how does your family expect you to spend your whole life with a person you dont know you dont love