The Nerd Can Fight (#1)

The Nerd Can Fight (#1)

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Michelle J By justanothergirl1314 Completed

In people's eyes, I'm just that shy push-over girl in the back of the class. In my parent's eyes, I'm the girl who's broken by the news of her deceased brother.

They all took me as the girl who's weak, who's innocent, who's broken. Everyone but him.


 Same girl, different appearance and different way of life.

Nobody would suspect the nerd as the infamous street fighter, Pixie.

Well, of course except for the new boy.

[This story is under major construction since I was in a rush when I finished it. I'm not stopping you from reading but please don't judge with the grammar mistakes and wrong use of vocab and some weird plots. I'm working on it. Read at your own risk.]

P.S. Heavy language of profanities ahead.

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halema2008 halema2008 Dec 21, 2017
Aw I really hope he didn't die and then he comes back. I am just refuse to accept the tears brewing.
qwertyunworthy qwertyunworthy Oct 20, 2017
fluffle. I'm having a heated argument with myself if the guy was missing or runaway or something...  😭😭😭
ChloeThePotato ChloeThePotato Oct 26, 2017
you know when you read a book and realise that youve read it before? Happens all the time.
                              But do you still read it?
                              I am. and this time, Im gonna mot be a ghost reader
Nita121234 Nita121234 Dec 29, 2017
                              trying to write own story but is distracted by other stories
Kylie_Venus Kylie_Venus Dec 31, 2017
Yaaaa!!! Why does he have to die?! I hope hes not yet dead then they will be reunited
Beautiful_Hybrid Beautiful_Hybrid Nov 26, 2017
                              25th of November 2017
                              11:30 p.m.
                              Sitting down while my cousin dyes my hair