The Nerd Can Fight (#1)

The Nerd Can Fight (#1)

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In people's eyes, I'm just that shy push-over girl in the back of the class. In my parent's eyes, I'm the girl who's broken by the news of her brother's death.

Everyone took me as the girl who's weak, innocent and broken. Everyone but him.


She's the same girl, leading two different lives.

Nobody would suspect the nerd as Pixie. 'Cause Pixie's a street fighter badass and the nerd does not have a single badass bone in her body.

Well, of course except for Adam Jones, the certified new boy in town.

[This story contains some grammar mistakes, spelling errors and multiple plot-holes. The edited version has been published and you can get it through multiple sites; all the links are in my bio.]

P.S. Heavy language of profanities ahead.

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tigerously tigerously May 01
 #rr just read Sequel and loved it need to read both books again
posh2303 posh2303 Apr 19
Her im playing emotional music in the background and now im crying
                              March 29
                              Reading this while listening to selena gomez :))
emily_717 emily_717 Mar 08
                              March 8, 2018
                              4:42 pm
                              New Zealand 
                              On the couch listing to music
This is already breaking my heart and its just the beginning 💔😭
kayloubuz kayloubuz Mar 21
whenever I read things like this I scream “fake death fake death fake death” in my head,, I better be right