Nerina [eShort Series]

Nerina [eShort Series]

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C.C. Gillings By CCGillings Completed

Being stuck forever in the body of a teenager was only one of Nerina's problems. Having a psychopath as her sire was a much bigger issue. She thought she had escaped only to be drawn back into their twisted relationship marked by death. Running away from her past soon turns into her trying to run away from herself. In search of her freedom, she unleashes a dark legacy she cannot escape.

One misadventure after another pushes her closer to the edge. Until she cracks, until she breaks, until it whispers 'let me in'.


Highest Ranking: #10 in Vampires

Wow! This is so well-written! The pacing and imagery are particularly great. Terrific job! :D
Those were some intense explanations. A lot of effort had to be put into this. The vocabulary is spectacular. I absolutely adore big words. Great chapter.
Rida-sama Rida-sama Aug 04
The feeling when the characters name ir so similar to your own thatyou just need to change one letter and BAM mah name is there
Great start. I love the mystery that is Nerina. Nothing more boring than a book that reveals all right at the beginning.
It was wondeful  start, i  am so exicited  and i am looking forward to read more!!
123PurpleUnicorn 123PurpleUnicorn Nov 25, 2015
Omg we have the same writing style. Wow it messes with my head. Anyways cool story.