The Return (Naruto)

The Return (Naruto)

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Yuzuki_Nakano By Yuzuki_Nakano Updated Jul 23, 2016

Three years had passed after Naruto Uzumaki left the village with his teacher. Being the Jinchuuriki of the demon fox, he has been Akatsuki's target for a long, long time. Ever since the day he left, the Akatsuki have not come to the village; it was too silent.

 A mysterious man with his identity hidden came in the village and he was considered a threat to the shinobi around. After revealing himself, the shinobi were shocked to find out that he was the blonde idiot from years ago. He sure wasn't the old Naruto that they knew, but his new look, power and personality captured the people's attention. 

But was this truly the same blonde kid they had known for many years? Something was indeed different about him. What was this new change? 

Has Naruto come as a friend or as a foe?

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RebelKing101 RebelKing101 Apr 28, 2017
i like where this is going, Dont mind the shino with garra personality to much so im ok
RebelKing101 RebelKing101 Apr 28, 2017
I hope this isn't crap cause i am 90% i have read 40% of naruto fanfic in, oh yes my friends i trully love naruto
RebelKing101 RebelKing101 Apr 28, 2017
Finally something for the blood in my veins rush faster and harder through my heart, already feel the adredaline pumpin
RebelKing101 RebelKing101 Apr 28, 2017
They had one job
                              (also next time plz describe to wat he was wearing cause i thought he was naked and had a scarf that apperently cover only his face. Thank u 4 you're time)
RebelKing101 RebelKing101 Apr 28, 2017
If i heard an enemy say the ridiculous nick name of my friend i would be like (Yo wassup homie, welcome to the neighboorhood.)
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Mar 22, 2017
The heck?! Who are you and what have you done with Shino?!! o0o