KINGDOM OF THE STONE -- a Wattpad featured novel

KINGDOM OF THE STONE -- a Wattpad featured novel

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It is the dawn of the first age and the fallen Lords of Heaven are fighting over that newest of creations: mankind.

Only Karux, a young herdsman tormented by horrific dreams of the future, can unite the tribes of men and protect them from the chaos, madness and death the fallen lords bring.  To do this, he must first discover the secret names and shapes of magic with only an autistic six-year-old girl to aid him.

Foreseeing his death and the death of the woman he loves, he must overcome betrayal, hold back a growing curse and train a people with no concept of war to fight against an inhuman enemy.

Kingdom of the Stone is part 1 of a 2 part story. It is continued in The Stone King, both of which are complete.

SachinGor SachinGor Aug 24, 2017
Ugh I hate this, now I need to know how he died! It's a good technique to read on though :)
SachinGor SachinGor Aug 24, 2017
Love the idea of a map! It looks quite awesome with the shape around it!
CarolKing1317 CarolKing1317 Jul 21, 2017
Rereading your book because it was so good the first time. 😊
JAPartridge JAPartridge Jul 21, 2017
@CarolKing1317 LOL! I forgot I was on my new alternate profile (Jack_Patrick) which I'm going to be using for the Tanabata Story rewrite and expansion. XD
prsstarid prsstarid Sep 26, 2017
If Karux died, how is he walking with his cousins in the next paragraph?
- - Jun 28, 2016
Really good! The blurb sounded a bit generic but then the story was very enjoyable! Thumbs up!