hair color // n.m

hair color // n.m

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kayla By homiegilinsky Updated Jul 23, 2016

"why do you change your hair color so much?"

"it really depends on how i feel, in a way it expresses my personality."

story idea by cashidk; written by homiegilinsky
cover by @iamnateslilmama

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proditione proditione Jul 23, 2016
I settle for a box of hair dye from Walmart idk bout you 😃😂😂
XxmatchewbaexX XxmatchewbaexX Feb 29, 2016
* slides credit card through a slit in guys head *  Will that be cash.. or credit...? (:
fanfictionssx fanfictionssx Jan 24, 2016
I got an ombré into purple and it cost $250. there is no way it was only $50 even with a discount 😂
ifhy_go_die ifhy_go_die Dec 16, 2015
I read two books before this and both their name we're isabella
sh0rtyjxlicaa sh0rtyjxlicaa Sep 19, 2015
Getting my highlights done costs more than that . $80-100 . I get it done every other year since it fades
s_ighb s_ighb Aug 13, 2015
I do mine at home for 11 dollars, probably explains why my hair is so fried tho hahaha