Identity Disorder (KELLIC) (boyxboy)

Identity Disorder (KELLIC) (boyxboy)

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Kellin and Katelynne Quinn have been having marriage troubles for months; their sweet daughter, Copeland, is really the only thing keeping them together. Neither of them know how to rekindle the spark in their relationship. Vic Fuentes, Kellin's best friend, has been in love with him for years. Vic is constantly in agony seeing Kellin and Katelynne together; he knows he could make Kellin happy.

What happens when Vic and Katelynne mysteriously switch bodies? Will Kellin accidentally fall in love with Vic? Will Vic unintentionally save their marriage? Will Katelynne and Vic ever be switched back?

Cover Credit: jewelleigh.32002

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Lame_Queen Lame_Queen Sep 06, 2017
My gf literally tells me I sound like Chowder lmfao and I guess I agree haha
jackfuckthisburrito jackfuckthisburrito Dec 26, 2017
'Cause you're a womam kells!
                              Woman doesn't have Adam's apple :3
BetteroffKellic BetteroffKellic Oct 20, 2016
Its probably because they want Kellin to be relatively young in the story, so he can't have Liam or Rowan
xXScarredForLifeXx xXScarredForLifeXx Aug 30, 2016
Okay so I'm rereading and I'm legit dying bc I'm remembering EVERYTHING. Also I LOVE TONY VV MUCH SO THANK YOU FOR DIS
_AndyBiersackIsMine_ _AndyBiersackIsMine_ Aug 07, 2016
"Lower speaking voice like Vic did" Bitch his voice is high as hell like yours. Wanna know whose voice is low af? Andy Biersacks.
Succ_My_Fucc Succ_My_Fucc Jul 23, 2016
I sang that song for karaoke in music class and everyone laughed at me and made fun of me😧