Rin's Little Angel (Rin X Reader)

Rin's Little Angel (Rin X Reader)

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(#1 in Rin X Reader thank you all so much) 

Rin is the son of Satan. You are the daughter of God (who is mean in this book because why not its spicy). Both of you are training to become an Exorcist. Neither of you know the others past or heritage but you both fall for each other. But what happens when a devil and an angel fall in love? 

I don't not own anything from blue exorcist.
I also don't get religious stuff right, so apologies.  
Also there will be grammar and spelling mistakes.

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StarFox02 StarFox02 Jan 09
Ok... Before I start reading... I just want to say something...
                              If the reader is an angel that makes her the "daughter of God" (duh). But Satan is a "son of God", and Rin is the son of Satan, making the reader his AUNT!
                              Ok... Thank you
Nutellati Nutellati Dec 31, 2017
I mean I won't complain about my cup size since I'm happy with my C cup breasts, but I'd be very insecure on my thighs because... stretch marks...
fuckjapan fuckjapan Dec 28, 2017
I don't think people who where religious would even watch this anime
aubrey_elliott aubrey_elliott Dec 31, 2017
I would laugh if she worked at a mcronalds
                              (Anyone get that reference)
animeboyfriend animeboyfriend a day ago
I haven’t even finished reading the first chapter and I’m already in love with this
XxMizukiHoshixX XxMizukiHoshixX 5 days ago
Hitomi Momoko: As an Albino, she has lowerback length silky white hair, and dull light crimpson eyes.