Rin's Little Angel (Rin X Reader)

Rin's Little Angel (Rin X Reader)

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(#1 in Rin X Reader thank you all so much) 

Rin is the son of Satan. You are the daughter of God. Both of you are training to become an Exorcist. Neither of you know the others past or heritage but you both fall for each other. But what happens when a devil and an angel fall in love? 

I don't not own anything from blue exorcist. 
Also there will be grammar and spelling mistakes.

PetalBunny PetalBunny Sep 13
People keep saying that they're the chaps of satan
                              Do they realize we'd be Rin's sibling? Incest.... Like... Come on
Well um Go- I mean father I apologize for all my sins ahead of time...
Sounds like what my other oc would like it. Good thing I choose the one that doesn't like that stuff
Hair is down to my mid calf and its aqua blue with it fading into orange and the orange fades into purple, I have one pink eye and one orange eye with dark grey instead of the white part.
YOUR* you're means = you are. UUGH IS DAT HARD TO UNDERSTANDDD
Radday55 Radday55 Sep 12
I love how everyone is like "I'm the daughter of Satan" while I'm over here like "I'm lowkey probably the human version of Satan lmao"