A Cinderella Story (Cinderella) ||SasuHina||

A Cinderella Story (Cinderella) ||SasuHina||

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Once upon a time,
In a kingdom far, far away,
A single chime,
Told her she could not stay,
A heart of pure gold,
A heart ice cold,
Love like this should be forbidden,
But such rules were never written...

It's bedtime for Toby in the Akatsuki Lair, and he demands a bedtime story. So one by one, the Akatsuke members read two chapters of the Shinobi version of Disney's Cinderella. Join the Akatsuki and discover the hilarious, romantic, magical love story between Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga. 

I do not own Naruto, Disney or Cinderella. This cover art was not made by me, I only edited it. Poem was written by AngieYeh (a talented poet). Enjoy!

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1awesomestar 1awesomestar Sep 05, 2017
Nothing can get past Itachi's eyes. Poor Deidara, he'll have to blow up Tobi some other time.😁😁
AnimeFan4LifeNDeath AnimeFan4LifeNDeath Oct 17, 2015
He chose himself last! That lazyass he thinks that tobi will fall asleep before he gets the chance to read! This just makes me love him even more!!!!
tayyabalaraib tayyabalaraib Jul 08, 2015
ah i loved this chap.it was so darn funny.i couldn't stop smiling.
SmilingWhiteMoon SmilingWhiteMoon Jul 02, 2015
Leave it to Itachi to have control of the situation, Gotta love him!