Just My Luck- a Destiel highschool AU story.

Just My Luck- a Destiel highschool AU story.

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AllAboardTheGayTrain By brianna_loves_anime Updated Oct 22, 2015

Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester and the rest of the supernatural crew are in high school •u•

Dean- 16 going on 17 //grade 11//
Castiel- 15 going on 16 //grade 11 as well but he skipped a grade//

Castiel Novak has a secret. A secret that would make the government hold him down on a table and find out exactly why he has wings- if they found out.
Well the explanation is simple really, the Novak family aren't exactly human.. They're Angels.
Dean Winchester has a secret just like Castiel. His family is a group of hunters- no, not like fishing and shooting guns at poor woodland creatures, they hunt monsters.
Yes, I know what your thinking.. Monsters? Those don't exist
Well the reason you think they don't exist is because those boys and their father kill them- and the rest of the hunter crew.

What will happen when a hunter an an angel cross paths? Will Dean ever find out about the novak family secret and will the novak's find out the Winchesters secret? Find out in...
"Just my luck"

Masterofseaunicorns Masterofseaunicorns Oct 15, 2016
Mary had a little Sam
                              Little Sam
                              Little Sam
                              Mary had a little Sam 
                              Don't know wha more damned
SamNagasawa SamNagasawa Aug 19, 2016
I've been looking for a fic exactly like this and I'm just so excited right now!!
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We wish you a Mary Winchester~ WE WISH YOU A MARY WINCHESTER WE WISH YOU A MARY WINCHESTER..... and a BURNING ceiling, (:
OH Hi Jess... How You Doing... Burning Alive?... Alright then bye.
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Did any of you read the description you did you just see destiel and then tap read?
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John. John the Cat. Full name:  Wilford, Stan Wilford, Stan Wilford Williams Percival Bryon Albus Dumbledore John