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7 Minutes In Heaven~Ninjago

7 Minutes In Heaven~Ninjago

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Joy By LegoNinjagoFanatic Updated 4 hours ago

Hi guys! This is my very first book I am writing on Wattpad so don't be so harsh please. Just to make everything clear I do not own Ninjago. Y/N means your name. This story includes chapters on Kai, Lloyd, Jay, Cole and Zane. Nya is in it too but you don't get to see her P.O.V. If you want to see hers or any of the ninja's P.O.V then make a suggestion in the comments. I also added some Ninjago Couples in the mix...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Hope you guys like it!

Teddytree06 Teddytree06 Jul 02, 2016
* fake punches Nya*
                              * runs to bath room and runs bath*
                              Drowns self in bath*
- - Apr 11, 2016
Thaaaaaaannnnkksss Nya... I absolutely LOVE this game... Note the sarcasm... ( - , -)
HorsesRock345 HorsesRock345 Jul 30, 2016
Me: *grabs Lloyd and Cole by their hair and bonk their head together then let them fall to the floor* U interrupted us!
                              Sky and Willow: *runs up to Cole and Lloyd*
                              Sky: *gives Cole cake*
                              Willow: *gives Lloyd lollipop*
                              Cole and Lloyd: YAY!!!
Thediamondqueen Thediamondqueen Feb 08, 2016
This is weird because my name is Nia and her name is Nya. 
                              Its the same way to say it also. Hehe
PhoenixRandomFandomz PhoenixRandomFandomz Apr 22, 2016
THANKS NYA!!! BUT FIRST I NEED TO GO TO TEH "ROOM" AND DO STUFF  *walks to bathroom, jumps out window running* HEEEYYYYYYLLLLL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jatt_JayaShipper Jatt_JayaShipper Nov 18, 2016
Everyone is freaking over how Cole & Lloyd interrupted them!! Then just me being over here like they just blew up laughing