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"I had to show that  I wasn't so weak that I had to hide from everyone."

Meet Cassidy, the new girl. Cassidy is beautiful, funny, and kind. Maybe that's why half of the male population is after her, and half of the female population hates her with a passion. 

Follow Cassidy through her everyday problems while dealing with mean girls, relationships, and her own broken heart.

Same I have boring old brown but I would love to have any other color
Hollyyyyy21 Hollyyyyy21 Sep 10
Blue eyes brown hair, until I dyed it, hehe I now have blonde and may I add I look like a monster
I dislike my blonde hair sometimes because my older relatives think I'm dumb due to the stupid, stupid stereotype set off by the movies... other times I love it because I, very rarely, sometimes feel like a sun goddess with a half-shaved head.
I have hazel too. But from a far or in certain lighting they look grey and stormy. And other times they look blue then green then gold
I have blue eyes and honestly, people call me eclipse sometimes when they can't remember my name. Legit. I got called Eclipse today because this guy in Highschool forgot my name, then remembered it, but proceeded to call me Eclipse still. 
                              My name is Kat
Your way better than me-....but I would still love it if you-or someone checked out my book,"The Darkest Time" it is about a girl being bullied by her father and by people at school..