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"I had to show that  I wasn't so weak that I had to hide from everyone."

Meet Cassidy, the new girl. Cassidy is beautiful, funny, and kind. Maybe that's why half of the male population is after her, and half of the female population hates her with a passion. 

Follow Cassidy through her everyday problems while dealing with mean girls, relationships, and her own broken heart.

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SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Sep 14, 2017
Same here. Well at least hazel's better than black soulless eyes 😞
TheUniluver TheUniluver Jun 02, 2017
Aaayyyyy girl I got hazel eyes tooooo well they color change so Idk what color they r
goddessjihyoo goddessjihyoo May 19, 2017
I got Blue eyes in a Grey shade. I personally love Green eyes with brown hair, SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I also like Brown eyes woth brown hair and eyeliner, like why did I need to get Blue eyes and Blonde hair, I mean EVERYBODY in sweden has that. I don't want to be normal
OlympiaRosa OlympiaRosa Dec 25, 2016
I have brown eyes but they are really dark and I like it especially with eyeliner but i love blue eyes too and green and grey and hazel any really😂
Hollyyyyy21 Hollyyyyy21 Sep 10, 2016
Blue eyes brown hair, until I dyed it, hehe I now have blonde and may I add I look like a monster
OlympiaRosa OlympiaRosa Dec 25, 2016
Black curly curly curly curly fizzy hair its like long and poofy