The Only One For Me | Nalu | √

The Only One For Me | Nalu | √

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When Lucy Heartfilia comes to Fairytail High, no one can predict what's going to happen, especially when the hottest guy in town, Natsu Dragneel and his broken-hearted and angry ex-girlfriend, Lisanna Strauss come into Lucy's life. Bets are made, threats formed, and disaster approaches all the students at Fairytail High. Everyone knows that there is no good outcome.

Or is there? 


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sundi_taya sundi_taya Jan 08
I'm dying someone plz help.... Natsu came out of a limo like a boss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
nalu28dragneel nalu28dragneel Sep 18, 2016
YOU WROTE THIS WHEN YOUR 11 OR 12??????!!!!!!!
                              I can't believe it...YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Amya_Heartfilia Amya_Heartfilia Dec 08, 2016
Haha he may be in a different world but he still got them sharp senses dou 😂😂
Conventina Conventina Nov 11, 2016
I found that it is my time to say this *turns on Ultimate* 
                              I AM THE ONE DON'T WEIGH A TO- yeah... we will just stop there...
iiRosaLovesShips iiRosaLovesShips Dec 19, 2016
"PUNISHMENT PRINCESS?" Omg Virgo day y u ma favorite character
SomeStressedOutCat SomeStressedOutCat Dec 31, 2016
This story literally just appeared in my library like i dont know how it just did but im going to read it anyways