When Hearts Take Control-Draco Malfoy love story #Wattys2016

When Hearts Take Control-Draco Malfoy love story #Wattys2016

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Hannah Stark, a young teenage girl, lives the typical teenage life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with her best friends Harry, Ron and Hermione. Throughout her years, unexpected and life-changing events will occur that causes Hannah's life to totally turn upside down. Will a certain someone be involved in these events?

Draco Malfoy, a teenage boy and Slytherin Prince, is going through a tough time in Hogwarts. Things start to change his world and feels there is nothing for him in life, but what if a Gryffindor Princess could change that?

A spectacular story for all HP fans, especially Draco Malfoy fans. This book is filled with love, adventure, fantasy and much more! All rights go to the original author on Quotev, I hope you enjoy the story. Read on!

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nightcoregirl9 nightcoregirl9 Dec 27, 2017
I read that a spiderman for some reason and I was like....
                              Ok so first I'm Tony Starks child and now in afraid of spooderman WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING I HULK GUNNA BE THE NEW POTIONS TEACHER
nightcoregirl9 nightcoregirl9 Dec 27, 2017
                              PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS.
                              PINK FLUFFY MY PATRONUS' DANCING ON RAINBOWS
Lokis_Cat Lokis_Cat Jul 18, 2017
I know it's a mistake but just try and imagine shaking heads instead of shaking hands 😂😂😂
Swimteammanagergou Swimteammanagergou May 16, 2017
Uhhhmmmm no. I'll stick to my black ripped jeans, band shirts, leather jackets, and vans or black leather boots/combat boots. Tyvm.
marauders-map marauders-map Dec 18, 2017
Ok so is this like Sofia the First (don’t judge me I watch that when I’m REALLY bored)
xbellabx xbellabx Sep 12, 2017
Um if so if I have to keep it pink I'm thinking more pink muscle t and some black vans. I don't do the whole "frilly" thing😂