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Doctor Who Preferences

Doctor Who Preferences

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Beebo By imtheonlydoctor Updated Feb 06

10th Doctor: You were on your way home walking to your house from school. Crying was all you did that day, none one cared for you at school. Your parents tried to help but they just made it worse. As you kept walking you kept thinking of the taunting things they said to you. You took a short cut home down a small alley way. As you went down it got crowded because of this blue box that read Police Public Call Box on top. Those haven't been seen since the 1960's. A man in a suit with a long trench coat came out smiling wide, "Oi! Hello sorry for the box she needs some rest" he patted the blue box

11th Doctor: You were swinging on a swing set at the park all lonely. You tried to put effort by asking your friends if they wanted to go to the mall or the movies or do anything. But the answer was always no. So you just sat there, a werid noise came from a distance but you could not tell what it was. A blue box appeared close to you in the park. You looked at it strangely and a man came out a...

madrose4234 madrose4234 May 22, 2016
*faceplants off swing, whispers*
                              I am beauty 
                              I am grace
                              I am Ms. United States
StilinskiXDixon StilinskiXDixon Mar 19, 2016
OMG!!! He looks so hot in the pic I think I'm going to faint I just want to go up and kiss him so bad great pic
mels4321 mels4321 Feb 15, 2016
First apples then yogurt then bacon then beans and he finally decided on fish sticks and custard
thetimeladytardis thetimeladytardis Sep 30, 2016
I love your stories, feel free to check mine out. I write imagines. C:
It's a fez. I wear fezzes now. Fezzes are cool. Bow ties are cool
StilinskiXDixon StilinskiXDixon Mar 19, 2016
I don't like the pic but the story of the 11th is just romantic and awesomw