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Little omega

Little omega

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kleekai By kleekai Updated Nov 28, 2016

When parents die, their children go through a hard time.  
I'm the youngest of five brothers. 
It was terrible  when my parents died, and since I already had a hard time being in this family, it made my daily life even worse.
I'm nothing like my brothers. 
I'm much smaller and "feminine." Just because I'm not covered in huge muscles, doesn't mean I'm a girl, but everyone thinks that. I can tell.
I'm a big coward too. I learned when I was really young to never try to fight with my brothers. 
It always ends badly. 
And I have only tried to refuse Andrew's orders once.
Never again.
In my family we're ranked by our strength, not by age. I'm the weakest one and that means I'm at the bottom. Andrew is the strongest one, physically and mentally, the leader. 
When he says something, we do it without asking.
We're not a normal family. 
We are a werewolf family living in the human world.

Yes, or maybe he can fake his own death just like how Jason did in riverdale, but I mean he did end up dying for reals..... You know what scratch that thought.
woodie08 woodie08 May 03, 2016
Why must the Omega always be abused in these stories?  And if the Alpha is to care for the pack, why is he abusive?  Makes it seem as though the goddess has made a mistake. IJS
White_Dragon19 White_Dragon19 Feb 22, 2016
I would rather kill my self than staying there. Brothers shouldn't do that to their younger brother 😢
1fangirlLifestyle 1fangirlLifestyle Dec 09, 2016
I hope he runs away for a while he gets his life together and they realize how bad they f**Ked up
ZebraLuv7 ZebraLuv7 Jan 14
Well congratulations author 🎉. You brought a tear to my eye.  Not a lot of sad books can do that.