Miskaet Series, the snake and the boy. (IN PROGRESS)

Miskaet Series, the snake and the boy. (IN PROGRESS)

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lucas By Lucabug99 Updated Apr 20, 2015

The year 2025 is when it all started. The outbreak of an alien virus spread after the first visit of the Miskaets. They had three main species that range from animal, plant, or elemental humanoid.

All three species can have children. Be it male and male, male and female, female and female but only if they were true mates.

The U.S government were intrigued by this and took mated couples to experiment on them. Little did they know that it basically started a war that wiped out 29 percent of the human species in only six month because of the Miskaets elemental advantage.

Innocent men women and children. Dead, because of human selfishness and unwillingness to leave well enough alone.

After that they just kidnapped there own human species since the virus became airborne changing half the humans into human/alien hybrids. A virus that still had no cure.


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Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Mar 15, 2017
Thinking that snakes are slimy is racist for snakes, but u knew that because you acknowledged that its smooth
AlwaysInTheShadow AlwaysInTheShadow Oct 27, 2017
Also, Was it just me, or did someone else read these really fast like raps fire questions?
Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Mar 15, 2017
I can smell...IT....already😗😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
absolutelydelirious absolutelydelirious Dec 20, 2016
I love the conversation they had, feels like one that I would have with random strangers that look cool
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Feb 14, 2017
I was rereading this because I was confused on which one had the brother but I saw this. He lied. I sense family issues and domestic violence mostly directed to Vixen
Lucabug99 Lucabug99 Mar 30, 2015
@Dany1908 this series will have ALOT of different species I've already got like 6 ideas for stories
                              yes he's part alien ;) 
                              I'm going to update it today with Nero pic so you tell me o.o
                              he does but he hides it so no one steps on it o.o
                              yes he did 
                              I have no idea what WT means XD