Clexa smut fanfics

Clexa smut fanfics

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Paint it Black & Take it Back By AngiGleekLovatic Updated Jul 29, 2016

As I said SO many times before I find these one shots on tumblr and they never mention the author so I don't know who they are. If you know them please let me know.

No need for drama lol.

WARNING: do NOT read if you don't like smut

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GenesisTheHomosexual GenesisTheHomosexual Aug 10, 2017
Holy mother of Jesus Christ! When did it get so hot in here?..... Oh right when Lexa walked in okay let's proceed
ThatNotSoBasicBitch ThatNotSoBasicBitch Aug 25, 2017
yall imagine everybody just trying to sleep but then they hear clarke screaming out lexas name lmfaooo imagine if raven was there to tease clarke in the morning/ forever lmfaoo
wolfraser wolfraser Jul 31, 2017
The guards are just like TF IS GOING ON IN THERE!! and the other guards like the merger remember.
Is it bad that I’m dying at how proper she’s talking 😂😂😂😂😂
skrrr-cabello skrrr-cabello Nov 28, 2017
Yesss people may be too busy with their hands to comment but this is everything 💦
damryn damryn Sep 17, 2017
I just thought, how do they cut their nails and did they wash their hands before this?