Data (Kirito x Reader)

Data (Kirito x Reader)

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Super Brocolli By YourSenpaiLord Updated Aug 09, 2016

When you discover you are trapped in the virtual world of SAO, you start to level up and try to beat the game until you come across Kirito, a mysterious boy that is doing the same thing. What will happen next?


I do NOT own Sword art online or the characters and the only character I own are Olivia. I also don't own Vocaloid.

grayfullbusterismine grayfullbusterismine May 12, 2016
                              Last name-Henderson
                              hair length-till my elbow
                              eye colour-blue
Queen_Villanueva Queen_Villanueva May 19, 2016
Name - Alice.
                              Last Name - Moon.
                              Hair Color - Black with white tips.
                              Hair Length - Up to Elbows.
                              Eye Color - Grey With Violet.
Kawaiicat0709 Kawaiicat0709 Dec 27, 2016
I hate school but I usually suck at my classes but I'm doing fine for some reason
tomboyswagsuckers tomboyswagsuckers May 26, 2016
Name: Sakura
                              Last Name: Naomi 
                              Hair color :light blue
                              Hair length :all way down pass my butt
                              Eye color:Dark blue
                              Skin color:mixed
XxFandomTrash413xX XxFandomTrash413xX Jul 07, 2016
Name: Katsumi
                              Last name: Osana
                              Hair color: Light brown
                              Hair length: Long
                              Eye color: Ice blue
                              Skin color: Light tan
hillaryxmm hillaryxmm Aug 11, 2016
*everyone here has a friend bamed olivia* me: *starts singing olivia theme song about a freaking pig* wow it's been 10 years