Even the Fallen Can Fall in Love (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

Even the Fallen Can Fall in Love (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

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Manon Blackbeak, Witch Queen By Bloody_Shadow Updated May 01, 2017

((Please take note that this will be a Judar romance, but it might be slow because well... I suck at romance. XP ))

((And I swear to God if ANYONE in the comments goes "It's Judal not Judar" I will flip. I have seen this happen several times, it's both Judar and Judal soooo yeah screw you. No, not you guys, just the other guys. XD That made no sense CHEESE FOR ALL MY CHEESELINGS!))

Miyako Ashikage was born into poverty, taking her first steps in the slums. At the age of four her Father died, leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves. But her poor mother was devastated by the death of her husband. She wouldn't talk, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, she just sat there, empty. Miyako couldn't just watch her mother waste away like that. She turned to stealing, taking whatever food she could get. Her dear mother slowly came back to reality. Despite the fact that stealing wasn't exactly legal, she was proud of Miyako for taking charge of a situation. But Miyako wasn't satisfied with just that. No, she wanted to give her precious mother a proper home, she wanted her loving mother to be even more proud of her. So she turned to the Darkness. With her sweet mother in mind, Miyako sought to find all the people that ever caused them harm, to make sure they never harmed anyone ever again.

((Eh I think that's pretty cheesy but I am tired af.))

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LunaraWoods LunaraWoods Jul 26, 2017
Oooohhhh.....the bird things....for some reason, whenever i see them on the show, i think of butterflies. No idea why.
Elena3577 Elena3577 Feb 22, 2017
You were tired and sick and you still wrote this story,😨 it was really good by the way! 🤗😁❤️😜
NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Sep 28, 2016
She traveled all that way all day only to receive a letter and to go back. Wtf Ja'far, wasting her time
NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Sep 28, 2016
I think this is cute and so far really well done. The character back story is good and nothing too flashy to make it cringy. But my only pointed is maybe making them 8-10 instead? Idk 6 just feels a little too young.