Black Rose

Black Rose

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Black Rose :

• death of old habits and the older order

Inspires confidence and enthusiasm by signaling the birth of a new era of hope and joy


Some are born loving the skin they are in

Some have it instilled within them 

While others are lurking high and low 

For a single ounce of confidence

You can act like you're confident

But deep down you will still feel that pinch of insecurity

Just as God, the man upon the highest pedestal 

Planned, there is that one person ...

That one person that instills that confidence

They'll instill it, secure it and make sure its never forgotten

The happiness you've never felt will be felt

The love you've been without will be given

And once they've given and shown you all of that

You've become their Black Rose ....


This is the beginning of my new book, a teen fiction. I got the idea for this book a while ago and began writing it but just now publishing it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

- Jayleeeeee💋

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I've been looking for a book for a while then I saw Keith powers and was like "oop I found a book" 😂
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And why wasn't you with your biological mama in the first place ?