Sage Snape (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Sage Snape (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

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Sage Snape never was a normal girl. Being the daughter of Severus Snape and Lily Potter was more a burden than it was a blessing.

In Severus' attempt to keep Sage safe after Lily's murder he never let her out of their house. Until now.

Sage Snape is finding being at Hogwarts is just as dangerous as it is fun.

Can Sage help falling in love with the amazing Draco Malfoy?

Can she prevent Voldemort from making her a death eater despite the dark lords wishes?

All in a day's work for Sage Snape. 

Cover by @Netshaly 

Lily Potter Fanfiction with a touch of Snilly written by the author of Back and Battle Of Betrayal. 

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AllisunDaBest AllisunDaBest Mar 02, 2016
Um, I'm sorry if this is offensive, but the timeline makes no sense! If Sage was born in Lily and Severus's 5th year, which would have meant when they were 15 or 16, I believe, and Harry was born when Lily and James were 20 years old! Wouldn't she be older the Harry?
V_the_Cat V_the_Cat May 05, 2016
Lol animagus AND werewolf AND elemental...
                              What else??? Vampire???
BookChook BookChook Apr 18, 2016
In Australia this is what we call Breakfast.
                              @saantoserimar @iheartcats406
Absolutely_Positive Absolutely_Positive Jan 26, 2016
Dang girl u so powerful you got the Mary Sues like "OMGGG"
                              I wonder why Snape keeps so many secrets from her
koalalover_twon koalalover_twon Jan 17, 2016
Technically there are five elements water earth wind fire and spirit
Potterjackson30 Potterjackson30 Jun 25, 2015
If her animagus form is a wolf she could change into that on the full moon and since she can't change into something she already is she could keep her mind and have no painful transformation. That would be useful.