Psychiatrist (1543 Series Story 2)

Psychiatrist (1543 Series Story 2)

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The sequel to 'Patient 1543'!  Read to continue the 1543 Series!

Two years after 'Patient 1543' ends, a man named Harry Mel starts working at Mansfield Mental Hospital. Another psychiatrist --John Malcom -- feels greatly uncomfortable around him. Something about those ice blue eyes makes Malcom terrified. After Tim Durnell, one of Malcolm patients, reacts with terror to Mel's mere presence, Malcom becomes curious about Mel's past and identity. After all, you may know someone's name but that isn't their identity; who they are, what they do, how they act, that is their identity.

After an apparent suicide in the ward, Malcom believes that there is much more to Mel than meets the eye -- especially his ice blue ones.

*  *  *
In 'Psychiatrist' Michael Hall continues the story of Patient 1543, answering more questions, and telling readers more of the terrifying true identity of 1543 and just how far his evil spreads.

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If you haven’t, you should read the first book. It explains more about Mel. (I am not the writer)
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