Cold blooded // vampire (BTS) Jungkook

Cold blooded // vampire (BTS) Jungkook

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I was walking through the woods and I heard a voice behind me

I turned back and nobody was there
I felt a weird presence so I walked faster 

I tripped and twisted my ankle.
I screamed in pain as a dark figure appeared in front of me

I ran back quickly but my back hit a tree

The figure quickly ran to me, pinning me down

I could only see his eyes.

They were dark red and beautiful 

I saw his fangs starting to grow

I closed my eyes in fear and could feel his mouth near my bare neck

"Please don't hurt me" I said and I felt a sharp pain enter my skin

I yelled because of how much it hurt

I could feel my blood being sucked out of me

My head became dizzy

The dark figure had disappeared and I was stuck in pain 

I blacked out 

~end of flashback~

I heard a voice say

I woke up with beads of sweat running down my forehead and my worried best friend , Park Rose

"What...Wait what happened"

"You started screaming while you were sleeping, you must've had...

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kimchuxia kimchuxia Oct 25, 2017
MY BIAS WRECKER! THIS IS NOT HELPING! (but is it really possible to stay loyal when it comes to EXO?!)
Oh wow Sehun is part of it to wow and we even visit his house!!!!
Skymonster18 Skymonster18 Sep 24, 2017
Expensive Girls starts playing while the trees start dabbing! "I can help you slide those panties off"
jeon_cock jeon_cock Jan 13
Angela is the name of someone from the office...
                              God i love the office
_blankie_ _blankie_ Oct 29, 2017
The name Angela is kinda awkward cause it's the name of someone I know...
taenism_ taenism_ Nov 30, 2017
Yea its super normal like jin having pink eyes v having blue yea its so normal
                              U dumb? it aint normal