Cold blooded // vampire (BTS) Jungkook

Cold blooded // vampire (BTS) Jungkook

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Taeskookie By taeskookie Updated Mar 13, 2016


I was walking through the woods and I heard a voice behind me

I turned back and nobody was there
I felt a weird presence so I walked faster 

I tripped and twisted my ankle.
I screamed in pain as a dark figure appeared in front of me

I ran back quickly but my back hit a tree

The figure quickly ran to me, pinning me down

I could only see his eyes.

They were dark red and beautiful 

I saw his fangs starting to grow

I closed my eyes in fear and could feel his mouth near my bare neck

"Please don't hurt me" I said and I felt a sharp pain enter my skin

I yelled because of how much it hurt

I could feel my blood being sucked out of me

My head became dizzy

The dark figure had disappeared and I was stuck in pain 

I blacked out 

~end of flashback~

I heard a voice say

I woke up with beads of sweat running down my forehead and my worried best friend , Park Rose

"What...Wait what happened"

"You started screaming while you were sleeping, you must've had...

thequeenofcarrots0 thequeenofcarrots0 May 28, 2016
Jimin???  BOI I came here for a Jungkook fanfic and now I just foUnd out jimin is cheatinG
igtjamfrmtheyehetman igtjamfrmtheyehetman Jul 13, 2016
Whenever someone mentions money, I always say, "do you know much food you can buy with that!?"
ariefania ariefania Jul 16, 2016
When Angela Said "i smell food" i thought it was The vampire 😂
Me when I'm in my diet and want to eat half of the burger but it's too delicious to resist it 😂
sjh_17 sjh_17 Nov 27, 2016
Park rose ? Park chaeyoung is tat u blackpink's rose aka walking meme
Roselyn-kim Roselyn-kim Jan 26
Wth boi? That its not how you do it sounding like an unsmooth  Cullin. *smh* making me use Twilight references.  At least go Damien Salvatore smooth on her. *smh*