You're MINE

You're MINE

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Asherene Ramdon By Asherene Completed

WARNING: This novel contains R-RATED CONTENT

"Nympho-" I started but he stopped me with his index finger pressed gently over my lips. 

"Shhh.. you know you love it." His soft, cherry-coloured lips curved into a semi-smile before he bit his lower lip, which was a shade lighter in comparison. His captivating honey-glazed eyes were fixed on me, with playful lust hidden behind them.

"Who says I do?" I asked innocently, stepping back and folding my arms across my breasts as soon as I sat on the comfortable bed which seemed to be about half the size of the large room. 

"You wouldn't do it so much if you didn't enjoy it.." He smirked, while stepping closer smoothly, aware that his increasingly close proximity was causing an uproar of lust-filled thoughts in my imagination. There were so many things I wanted to do to him, and as my tongue darted out to wet my lips, I felt somewhere else getting wet and I clamped my legs closed. He caught on to my quick movement and closed the distance between us, placing both of his hands on my thighs and sliding them slowly upwards. My heartbeat increased erratically and he bit his lip again to hide his smirk. He knew what he was doing to me. 

"Maybe you just do a damn good job of convincing me." I whispered, as his hands started to dip between my inner thighs. 


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