Trusting Him...

Trusting Him...

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Potato Empress By Caktis15 Completed

He has beautiful green eyes. His fur color is the greatest shade of royal blue. His skin is a baige color. And his breath always smells Like mint.

Even though he seems like the cute bad-boy type in one girls eyes, he's a person you can't trust. His glare can kill a tiger, and his growl; a bear.

He's a prince charming.. But this prince has plenty secrets which makes it hard for me to trust him...



This book is made for PG-13! I do NOT own the ©SEGA characters, but I do own Oc's! And I own the plot!

igamergirl igamergirl Nov 21, 2015
If this is on YouTube I would love to watch it! And the voice actors will be amazing!