Life with Natsu (Natsu x reader)

Life with Natsu (Natsu x reader)

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Ew don't read this omg 

You ran and ran. He kept chasing you down. His only goal was to finish you off. Yet you kept running as you shed blood from your wounds. You were on the edge of giving up until He came. I guess you can stay he was your prince and you were the princess in need. You stayed with him and His Father Igneel. As time went on you became stronger. Your goal was to go back and destroy..


But not yet. Close but when the time comes. But what was weird is that the closer you stayed with Natsu Dragneel the more this feeling grew. What was that feeling? Love? You just didn't know it yet. But Did Natsu feel the same way? Maybe. But the more time passes. The more excitement arrives. 

This is my first story ever so I hope you will like it. 

Warning: may contain curse words. 

I don't own Fairy Tail, hiro mashima does. I  only own my oc's

*sits and drinks tea* buuuuut I can run from him later it's tea time.
He's basically saying: "do you want to know how to kill me with magic?" 😂
*sits and eat cookies and strawberry cake* but I'll have my cookies and cake first
Ohhhh noooo the cuteness is to much its evil noooooo it's so cute aww noo
                              (See the pun? Okay I see you don't wanna TACO bout it
LOKE?!I WONT LET A PREV KILL ME *pocky sword comes out no were*