He's my Nerd. Got it?

He's my Nerd. Got it?

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"Even with that angelic face of his, there is a beastly character is hidden behind it just ready to come out"~~

I'm Popular, he's not.
I'm out going, he's not.
I'm rich, he's not.
I'm attractive, he's not.
I like to party, he doesn't.
I hate school, he does. 
Wait isn't t it the other way around? 
either way I still can't help but love him

~typical nerd eh?
well what if he's really not the guy you thought he is? 
I say he's one mysterious nerd...

nah my mom would've dragged my ass to the table and force me to eat, she aint rasing no sticks in this family #hispanicmoms
I have a friend named Ty though he is quite the odd ball but so am I
Is thought going to be spelt like that every time bc if it is I'm out
b_mgr_1993 b_mgr_1993 May 28
This is third time I'm reading this story absolutely loved it.💕💕
The school shopping is important for me cause I can pick any novels I want
For some reason I automatically thought of Logic with this description....🤔😅