What of Scott got there just in time to push Allison out of the way before she was stabbed by the Oni?

  • scallison
tridentB tridentB May 29, 2016
@cozeyposey  don't ruin it ,I don't want to even think about what actually happened, it's part of the reason why we read fanfictions like these ,because some of us can't accept Allison's death
purejasmineflower purejasmineflower Aug 14, 2016
i wish this was how it actually went down. I miss scallison and the final season wouldn't be the same if they didn't bring her back somehow
itsmeneeki itsmeneeki Oct 30, 2016
I wish it happened this way. 😢😞😩😭😭 I miss Allison so much. Scallison was such a great couple.