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Project Pom Pom

Project Pom Pom

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Dreamer By JustAGirl2199 Updated Jan 01, 2016

"Let me make you a deal. You tutor me so that I pass high school with...well not flying colors because I'm not that smart, but you know with good enough grades so that I can get out of high school."
"And what exactly do I get out of this?"
"Simple: You tutor me and I tutor you."
"For what?"
"To be a cheerleader. It'll be like an assignment. Let's call this Project Pom Pom"
Meet Elizabeth Andrews. A nobody in her school. Her friends= 0, her social status= 0, her GPA= 4.0 (the only thing in her high school life that's more than 0).
Like every cliche nerd she's in love with Tyler Matthews. Gorgeous, athletic, funny and a total asshole. And like every girl Lizzy dreams of the day Tyler's gonna realize that she's the one for him but here's the truth people: it ain't no cliche fairy tale. And the reason is because Tyler Matthews dates cheerleaders. ONLY them and Lizzy is no cheerleader.
Until the head cheerleader makes her an offer she can't deny. The deal is simple: Lizzy tutors her and in return she tutors her. To be a cheerleader.
And this is how their..uh..project (I guess?) began: Project Pom Pom

I'm not good at description and I'm pretty sure that this sucks but please do give it a try. I swear it won't be half as bad as the description. Oh and if you're looking for a typical nerd and bad boy cliche then do not read this. It is not a typical cliche love story. This is more than a love story, this is a story about finding yourself.

romantique101 romantique101 Aug 28, 2016
sorry this comment is reposted
                              how does this fit into #breakstereotypes 
                              I am #confused
crpplzo crpplzo Sep 27, 2016
This would be me if I was a main character in a story 😂👌🏻
gbart03 gbart03 Jul 21, 2016
No offense to the Author, I just hate when people act like this.
angel4luv angel4luv Jul 24, 2016
Walk walk walk away. Oohh!!! Just walk away!!! I've got to let it go. Start protecting my heart and soul. Cause I don't think I'll survive a goodbye again. Just walk away.
Awkward_Day Awkward_Day Sep 28, 2016
I totally agree with this girl. If I was in that situation, I would not be happy and okay with new people trying to be my family.
gbart03 gbart03 Jul 21, 2016
Listen, bîtch. She may have an obsession with pink and act like a princess, but Atleast she doesn't act like you... You've brought a whole new level of bîtchy to the table.