Prince Naruto : Snow Empire

Prince Naruto : Snow Empire

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Aphra Operalus By Tetsuya_Kimura Updated Dec 31, 2017

The Naruto you knew had escaped from the abusive village you know as Konoha. 

But what if the chunin exams pulled him back into Konoha? What would the renamed prince of the fearsome Snow Empire do then?

"You're no longer Uzumaki Naruto. Stop looking back if you don't want to go back Kinya."

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fizzzy33 fizzzy33 Jan 14
Sasuke if you keep being a jerk to Naruto then you get the knife stabbed right in the heart and I don't think you want the knife so back off or else ✂🔨🔫🔪
_Rae7787_ _Rae7787_ Jun 14, 2017
Polar bear hat hmmmm....
                              *searches around room* 
                              Found it! 
                              *continues to read while wearing polar bear hat*
mariangel53 mariangel53 Apr 09, 2017
Does anyone else think of Shirayuki from Snow White with The Red Hair?
AnimeActive AnimeActive 18 hours ago
Every time Sasuke says "dope" instead of dobe.-->
                              ~SMokE WeeD eVeRY DaY~
CandyGirl310 CandyGirl310 Sep 15, 2017
Oops. I thought it said 'are they torturing the village' ad I was like yassss
Raven_mellanna Raven_mellanna Mar 22, 2017
Snow white with the red hair !! Your not supossed to be in naruto miss. Shirayuki! !!