The Heart Fixers

The Heart Fixers

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clarftw By clarftw Updated Sep 15, 2016

"I can take this mistake but,
  I can't take the ache of heartbreak."

-The Script

         Kendall Jones is the  poster child for the "Ignored by best friend (aka crush for like forever) in favour of hotter sister" campaign and she knows it. And she hates it. Said best friend and said sister also have the most on-off relationship ever but are publicly worshiped as the school's Golden Couple. Biggest ouch of the century? You betcha.

But what happens when said best friend asks her for help getting over her sister? 

Well, thats when the poster child gets a chance to be the film star. She should be jumping for joy and dancing maniacally, right? This is her dream come true. So why is it not like what she thought it would be?

Because life is always what we least expect, what if, along the way, the poster child found something -someone- she wanted, more?

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The_Obscure_Author The_Obscure_Author Jun 06, 2015
that's such a cute story, and I totally know how Kendall feels about love. I see it all time, watching my friends and my sister get hurt time and time again by boys who just don't stay like they promised too. and no matter how many times you tell them not to, they do it again.