Cinderella, The Monster Slayer

Cinderella, The Monster Slayer

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Meet Elektra Potter. She's quiet, reserved, an introvert and unconditionally beautiful (though she denies the fact). She leads a normal life, she goes to school, takes good care of her little sister. She has great  friends whom she dearly loves with all her heart. However, when her father went missing one night, her life changed. Her own house was taken over by her evil stepmother and stepsisters who treated her like a servant. Little did they know, she was the Protector, the monster slayer who protects the world from uncontrolled creatures and dark magic. After the night her father went missing, she took over his duty as she became the Protector and vowed to protect the world.

With evil trailing behind her back and a prince charming making her feel things she has never felt before, things couldn't get any less complicated.

Well, maybe her life isn't really normal after all.

The lovely fairytale has turned into a twisted and dark adventure.

razberry24 razberry24 Aug 22
This is a great book! Best one I've read and I've read forty-seven. Author, you have a gift for writing! Keep up the good work!
riri2001 riri2001 Jun 29
I'd suggest removing the as from the last sentence in the paragraph because it isn't really needed....
                              Honestly you've written beautifully I would never have guessed that English isn't your first language, I know people whose first language is English who can't write half as well as you do
ArtofFanfics ArtofFanfics Sep 18, 2016
Don't worry, english is my first(ish) language and it's probably worse tham yours.
FictionalNewbie FictionalNewbie Sep 10, 2016
Hmmm somehow I've always had this theory that people who do not speak English as a first language tend to mind their grammar and word usage more than those who do. Time to test it out! And by the way, what is your first language?
MistyMeow-Chan MistyMeow-Chan Jul 16, 2016
Don't worry! Your English is better than mine, and English is my first language!
EvanSmith906 EvanSmith906 Jul 24, 2016
You used the same word twice. It would help if you just described the zombies neck as it. Holding it by its neck before breaking it.