I'm a cheetah? So what you're a wolf!

I'm a cheetah? So what you're a wolf!

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Cherrylicious By SweetCherryKisses Updated Feb 26, 2018

Every night I hear their howls, the howls of my pack drifting through the wind, finding its way through the dense forest, through the animals scurrying along the forest bed and straight to my ears. 

I could sit for hours just listening to them communicate with each other, its my favorite kind of music because it reminds me of my family, it reminds me of home. 

 One day I will be sitting out on that hill tilting my head back towards the moon and joining the chorus of howls that echo throughout the night...it's my destiny ... Or at least that's what I thought.

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Galaxy_fox101 Galaxy_fox101 Mar 02, 2018
Excuse you I will throw right back down to the hell hole you came from
- - Feb 17, 2018
I'm laying in my bed on my own being the potato I always am. Wait, that fly seems odd, flying and stuff. hmmmm
lilly12349 lilly12349 Feb 28, 2018
Definition of ripped: very very muscular;has a lot of muscles
brodgers257 brodgers257 Aug 13, 2017
Lol the cheetah should be named Dom Torreto from fast and furious xD
Lillymhsgij Lillymhsgij Dec 25, 2018
peregrine falcon are faster than cheetah when diving they reach up to 200 mph.