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〘 c l o s e d 〙
❝don't judge a book by it's cover. oh snap! you just did!❞ 

closed forever. continued on "Northern Nights." 


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someoneyudontknow someoneyudontknow Sep 15, 2016
Author: gaylekatriz
                              Title: you belong with me
                              Cover maker on cover??: Yes!
                              The cover should have two person holding hands and there facing backward while in the beach in night with the moon 
                              Thats all thank you !
magicalelephants magicalelephants Aug 09, 2016
Title- Hunters lob
                              Cover maker on cover- I don't care 
                              Face claim- Barbra pelvin and Francisco lachowski
twinsjackandfinn twinsjackandfinn Oct 28, 2015
Title: tatacoa 
                              Subtitle: the sea of stars 
                              Cover maker on cover?: yes 
                              Photo: if it can be a picture of the dessert at night time. And if you can then a shadow of two people kissing. But if you can't include the shadow it's fine! 
                              Thank you so so much for this!!
rowan_riley rowan_riley Oct 24, 2015
Author: -chandlerriggs-
                              Title: Ask and Dare Chandler
                              Cover maker on cover?- I don't mind sure
                              Face-claim: Chandler Riggs
LanternsAtDusk LanternsAtDusk Oct 16, 2015
                              Warriors: Arc One; Book One (I'm going to give the arc a name. Whispers in the Night)
                              Cover Makers Name: Yes.
                              Idea: I'd like for it to be fighting cats, but you can only see their outlines, with in a dark sky, the faint outline of a cat's face.