A Perfect Mistake [A Teen Pregnancy Story]

A Perfect Mistake [A Teen Pregnancy Story]

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Gemma By XxTiCkLe-xX Updated Jul 28, 2015


Nathan and Cassie Marks were raised up by their single father, Andrew after their mother died in childbirth. This left Andrew all alone to bring up the twins, and be the loving and protective father he always wanted to be for them. 

Now Cassie and Nathan are eighteen years old, they are starting the journey to follow their hearts, their dreams, their choices, and their plans for the future. But one mistake made by Cassie changes everything, especially for herself. 

Will things be same as before? Will everything be changed by one mistake?

    Fire_Dragon_Princess Fire_Dragon_Princess Feb 08, 2016
    My swim practice is 6 to 7 times a week morning and afternoon 2 hours each
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    Sometimes I'm lucky if I have the weekend off, we practice for three hours every day
    TEE-BABE TEE-BABE Sep 29, 2015
    i loved BAM so much and am glad you wrote a sequel.i knoe you're busy but please we beg you with all our hearts pl
                                  ease UBDATE
    ender_wizard11 ender_wizard11 Sep 19, 2015
    Remember at the end of the last book?
                                  When she was sooo sweet?
                                  Yeah. Now she's a b itch
    tanya0406 tanya0406 Sep 02, 2015
    You do realize she would be 18 in order for dad to be 36 right? You graduate from high school between 17 & 18 so the storyline is off.. Plus you would expect her to be humbled not a bitch..
    - - Aug 22, 2015
    What happened to here? She used to be some beautiful little girl. she sounds kinda harsh now.