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Stranded (A Nalu Fan-Fic)

Stranded (A Nalu Fan-Fic)

59.6K Reads 2.6K Votes 18 Part Story
Bella By SailorOfTheNaLuShip Completed

Lucy and Natsu are off on yet another job. As they walk through the forest they take a quick rest. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, they are in a strange place with no gear, little magic, and some feelings that are about to bubble over the top.

LavaLikes LavaLikes Oct 18, 2016
You should have seened him when he found out you where taking a shower at the grand magic games ~-~`
just_a_nobody_xox just_a_nobody_xox Jun 29, 2016
Hmm... On the episode where Lucy and Gray first met... He said "I ain't got no time for clothes" or something, then the rest of the episodes just consists of him being naked or half naked and shrieks and find some clothes and not like 'that' episode
adashofcinnamon adashofcinnamon Aug 13, 2016
At first I thought "Aw Lucy ships Natsu and Gray." Then I realized. "WAIT A MINUTE THIS IS A NALU FANFICTION. MY SHIP IS BEING THREATENED." Then I read it again and I realized this: "OOOOOOOOOH. I'm a dumb a s s."
Foxi17 Foxi17 Feb 14
                              Wait uh
                              No, no, uhh
                              Ah fudge it.
Delaineyedwards Delaineyedwards Jul 06, 2016
Hmmmm Author~Chan is being upgraded to Author~Senpai. 
                              I like how she's talking 😂😂
WittleBit WittleBit Jul 15, 2016
Is it bad that I kinda ship Natsu and Gray? *runs from angry fangirls*