The Royale Reunion (KHR Fanfic)

The Royale Reunion (KHR Fanfic)

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♕ティアラ♕ By CallMe72 Completed

Tsunayoshi Sawada is officially Vongola Decimo/ Neo Vongola Primo.
After 7 years, Class 2-A of Nami-chuu have a Royale Reunion. What will happen if there Dame-Tsuna is not there Dame anymore??

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***Thank you for @PinkHeartGirl54 for editing the chapters! I'm very grateful!***

Mangago100 Mangago100 Apr 07
Everyone: konnichiwa Japan o _ o /
                              Me: KONNICHIWA MOTHA-FUCKA GUESS WHOS BACK BITCHES!! *wears le sun - glasses*😎
I will tell you this because you wanted to have a fanfic. You're book is in dire need to be edited!!
                              I can almost read the book with big difficulties!!!!!!!!!!!!
SerenoCielo SerenoCielo Feb 07
a few grammar mistakes here and there but overall, a very good story
Pay no attention to the weird placement of the exclamation mark.
*wipes imaginary tears away* my sweet, no long innocent, kindheart, angel send from heaven, tuna-fishy, and sadistic bunny is all grown up!!!!! MAMA IS SO PROUD OF YOU!!!😭
You talking about that. I'm still surprised Hibari would wear a 'violet' suit. 😶