The Royale Reunion〖KHR Fanfic〗

The Royale Reunion〖KHR Fanfic〗

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Tsunayoshi Sawada is officially Vongola Decimo/ Neo Vongola Primo.
After 7 years, Class 2-A of Nami-chuu have a Royale Reunion. What will happen if there Dame-Tsuna is not there Dame anymore??

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Hibari~♡ your going back to the school that you once tort-- I mean Loved heheheeee (~^-^)~
Ah~~ Sawada Tsunayoshi!!! Your soo cute sometimes but sometimes your stupidity can be contagious
Aww Aho ushi is still cute as ever (idk if this is the right spelling)
Sena_Chan Sena_Chan Jun 19
I was wondering if he has dynamite hidden all over his body , does that mean he hide it down 'there' too?
Ah~ Tsuna since when did you become a member of the smart people?
Really Reborn? Θ_Θ 
                              I expect ur students to be the opposite, actually 😂