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ChunkyFunkyMonkey By ChunkyFunkyMonkey Completed

Rosalie Harness is a typical seventeen year old teenager, she goes to school, dates, parties and all other typical teenage things.
But there is one thing which is not so typical, she got kicked out of her own house, by her own parents! Not because she is a rebel, far from that, simply because she existed.
So when she finds a perfect place to stay, there is one problem. She has a roommate, a male roommate, who happens to be the hottest boy in her school; Vincent Clarke.
Secrets are told. Deep Secrets. And you realize, not everything is what it seems...

I'm writing a story like this one... wow. 
                              Mine is based off my fear of my parents finding out about my sexuality (the reason the character gets kicked out), but she has to live with someone else she hates because he's the only offer she has.
Yellow_Agent_Girl Yellow_Agent_Girl Dec 14, 2016
Lol my name IRL is Rosalie and I have a classmate named Vince 😂
mybowDoesntgoinhair mybowDoesntgoinhair Oct 13, 2016
I seriously picked this story bcuz of the authors username!😆
yukkiowo yukkiowo Sep 02, 2016
*gasp* I didn't know Obama was my mom and Hitler my grandma! Am I adopted?!
KhloeMendes KhloeMendes Oct 31, 2016
Lucky me Vincent has the same last name as me I wonder why I was never told I had a younger brother 🤔
natlyt564 natlyt564 Jan 17
I looked at the cast list and laughed for 5 straight minutes