Band love

Band love

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Jelsa_love_forever_ By Jelsa_love_forever_ Updated Aug 16

Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Merida are all the best of friends. They're all in a band called 'The four Angels' and lucky for them, they just got their big break. They've now become one of the biggest bands in the world. 

They'll learning that being in the spotlight isn't all fun. They'll learn secrets. Make enemies. Make friends. Preform. And travel the world. 

They'll also meet the Famous Band 'The Four Rebels'. The band that's made up of Jack, Kristoff, Flynn, and Hiccup. 

Will the two bands become friend or enemies? Will they become more than friends? Will another band come and try to break apart the two bands? 

***This story has Jelsa, Kristanna, Flynnunzel, And Mericcup. Do not hate on this book or on the ships. Don't like the ships? Don't hate. Go read something else.***

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That_One-potatoe That_One-potatoe Jul 15, 2016
Todays to-do list 1.Eat chocolate 
                     more chocolate 
                              3.steal chocolate from Elsa 
                     more chocolate 
SplatterGirl1908 SplatterGirl1908 Jul 14, 2016
I can NOT live qitg elsa she'll throw out my phone and I won't be able to read on wattpad. Without wattpad my life is pretty much incomple. Unless i was surrounded by food all the time that could make up for it.
Volleygirl04 Volleygirl04 Sep 17, 2016
Is it just me or does remind anyone of one direction and little mix?
Levi_Ackermen12 Levi_Ackermen12 Mar 20, 2015
That was great you should right the next chapter but make it about the boys!!!!!!!  :) ;)