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The Bangtan Boys ( Bts x Reader)

The Bangtan Boys ( Bts x Reader)

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piinkeu By piinkeu Updated Feb 18

You were finally going to korea to see the bangtan boys live! 

You had saved enough money and flew over. After the concert ended you walked back to the hotel you were staying at when a stranger runs up to you and steals your purse! 

Everything important like your phone, money, license, plane ticket, hotel key, and passport were all in there! What will you do now? 

Will you be stuck in Korea or will someone help you? And who will that someone be?

Poptart_Life Poptart_Life Jun 22, 2016
Pfft I keep a pocket knife with me everywhere I go, I would stab him if I could
SarahSingPerfFab SarahSingPerfFab Apr 23, 2016
Ugh. Namjoon man.. (Sorry I hate to call BTS members by their stage name but like I'm kinda okay with it because I call hosoek J-hope)
TheMidnightPhoenix TheMidnightPhoenix Dec 02, 2016
Am I really that much of a wuss? HELL NO!!!!!! I BETTER GET MY A** UP AND GET MY PURSE BACK!!!!!!!!
manggaeddeok manggaeddeok Jul 04, 2016
WHY DO I FEEL LIKE ITS PLANNED..? LIKE MAYBE THEY HIRED A GUY OR GOT ONE OF THE MEMBER TO 'rob' her.. And then namjoon miraculously appears out of nowhere and 'save' her...?;-;
BreAnnaCollier5 BreAnnaCollier5 Feb 14, 2016
i would have taken my phone money hotel keys and liscens then leave everything at the hotel carried everything in my pockets
TheMidnightPhoenix TheMidnightPhoenix Dec 02, 2016
And that ladies and gentle man is how you get your bias to notice you. Get your purse stolen.