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A Segregated Romance

A Segregated Romance

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still looking @ you By holygwarz Completed

He said, "Love is colorblind."
  Three words which changed her life forever.

Segregation. Racism. Diversity.  

Follow Carolina Whittley and read her story about how she lived in a world to her, evolved around, racism, segregation, and love. Living in a period where the fight to end racism was anything she and her family seemed to think of, and the struggle to end segregation. Her life had become everything, but comfortable worrying about the safety of her family and herself. Until she caught Lewis Montgomery's eyes. 

Picking on Carolina was a sadly a hobby that his friends and him did, but one day when it went too far, Lewis would find himself starting to care for Carolina. After that he would never be the same around her. 

Having your father being the leader of the Ku Klux Klan set your sights on different racial groups; the blacks of Birmingham, Alabama knew this well. But what will Lewis do when his life is turned around and set in a new direction? Will he forget everything his father told him about the Colored in Birmingham, especially when he begins to become fond of one girl who's interested in books? 


This is my first book during the 1960's era so I'll try to make it as accurate as possible.

flourel flourel Nov 13, 2016
Wanting to better yourself don't make you white reading is vital to getting a good education 😒
flourel flourel Nov 13, 2016
That poor woman 😔 I am sorry to any woman and man who has been a victim of that kind of cruelness
re__ech re__ech Dec 06, 2016
I'm liking this book so far but the "mommy" or "daddy" part is really f*king annoying. Like what are you? An 8 year old?
CelticRose CelticRose May 12, 2015
Forgot to say how much I love the Martin Luther King quote on the first chapter. This chapter was good at setting up a sense of foreboding with the background of violence and social upheaval. I liked how you set the scene and developed the family dynamic further.
CelticRose CelticRose May 12, 2015
Interesting start! I had no idea Oreos were around in the 1960s so learned something today! Also really like the concept and the idea. The characters are shaping up to be interesting.
Kass-Morowa Kass-Morowa Apr 17, 2015
Its suppose to be James right? cause Thomas doesn't live with them