A Segregated Romance | now available for purchase

A Segregated Romance | now available for purchase

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☄︎ By holygwarz Completed

He said, "Love is colorblind."
  Three words which changed her life forever.

Segregation. Racism. Diversity.  

Follow Carolina Whittley and read her story about how she lived in a world to her, evolved around, racism, segregation, and love. Living in a period where the fight to end racism was anything she and her family seemed to think of, and the struggle to end segregation. Her life had become everything but comfortable as she worries about the safety of her family and herself as the politics of everyday threaten her existence. Life in the south before the civil rights movement, and during, African Americans constantly underwent a series of all forms of hate just because of the amount of Melanin in their skin. And her being the same amount of white as she is black brings hate from both sides. With her curious mind, and ability to think deeper about everyday things she could distract herself from the harsh real world. 

Until the day she caught Lewis Montgomery's eyes. 

Even though there are many rules in the white community on what the right way to treat people who are darker then a paper bag, not everyone follows. Lewis Montgomery will find his open minded thoughts can complicate things in the life he's always known. Will he forget everything his father told him about how to treat the Colored in the neighborhood next over, especially when he begins to become fond of one girl who's infatuated with books? 



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RuthLoveless RuthLoveless Jun 17, 2017
Funny thing is that never change even now people still say that.even my white friends I act to white
-whiskersbaya -whiskersbaya Jun 10, 2017
why i love this book already
                              1. LOGAN AND NIA ARE ON THE COVER ( i watch them on YouTube )
                              2. ITS TAKES PLACE IN BIRMINGHAM ( my family is from there but i live in Michigan )
-love-monae- -love-monae- Aug 15, 2017
Is the reason because of the Jim Crow laws? Last year I read To Kill A Mockingbird.
whatinfoundation whatinfoundation Jun 02, 2017
So true! Sometimes the most beautiful people are the palest or the darkest and there's so much beauty in diversity I wish everybody could just see that
flourel flourel Nov 13, 2016
Wanting to better yourself don't make you white reading is vital to getting a good education 😒
flourel flourel Nov 13, 2016
That poor woman 😔 I am sorry to any woman and man who has been a victim of that kind of cruelness