The Jano Clan tour (DISCONTINUED)

The Jano Clan tour (DISCONTINUED)

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nacy♛ By ForeverYoungxx3 Updated Feb 24, 2017


Girl Clan absolutely detests The Janoskians. When they have to go on tour together they refuse. But when it's their only option to go on tour they agree. How will they survive when two group of pranksters live together in a bus for at least a year.
What will happen when they get into crazy situations together. 
Will they finally be able to put there differences aside and be friends. Will they find friendship or love?

Well not with these people.

This is the Jano Clan tour

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newt-is-cute newt-is-cute Mar 08, 2016
Jai jai jai jai jai jai jai jai jai sorry but he's the better twin
bubblegumlarrie bubblegumlarrie Dec 12, 2015
I think luke should be with Leah as I see it they make this really cute couple and they are already having their story building up as how he kissed her because he didn't know what he was doing and I think it would be right for them to be together
ImLukeBrooksOfficial ImLukeBrooksOfficial Oct 18, 2015
Beau & Nat
                              Luke & Leah
                              Jai & Alex
                              Daniel & Cass
                              James & Hope
_gizzyy _gizzyy Sep 23, 2015
Gahhh!! I love this book how could it be so amazing lol bags Natalie cozy I love beau!❤️
GodHasAPlan GodHasAPlan Sep 13, 2015
When you're one direction Af and instead of 'chance' you said 'chonce'
Ayeeitsarah Ayeeitsarah Sep 09, 2015
Oohh something more should happen plot twist oh snap hehe im excited is that weird ?? Oh whale