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When you're the typical 'good girl' who is loved by nearly everyone,
it's almost hard to be involved with a so-called badass who's always getting
in trouble

So what do you get when you move next door to one of those wild, cocky guys,
and even have to live with him for a while all because your parents
have to go on some stupid trip?

No idea

But what we do know is,
it will be one memorable experience

Caribbean_kisses Caribbean_kisses 15 hours ago
lol imagine if it was his parents window instead of Justin's...I feel like that would be so weird lmfao
princess_tasha_ princess_tasha_ Jul 17, 2016
Brentwood high school in brentwood ny ... 😂 mad brentwood high schools
The title reminds me of that show are you the one..anyone? No ok I'll stop
this story reminds me of how my boyfriends name is tyler and he was my best friend before we started dead.. #relatable
queendisguise queendisguise Jul 07, 2015
this story belongs to thebombdotcom at jbff plus ..have u credited or ask her permission alrd????
mayzynmehru mayzynmehru Apr 03, 2015
like he book but yyyyyyyyyyy in hell write justin bieber it had to be bieber seriousley ( flat face)