(Almost) Impossible Attraction (ON HOLD)

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Aly By AlwaysAly Updated 4 years ago
What would you do if you came home to find that a stranger has broken into your house, and has no intentions of leaving? The night Beth Evers, a nerdy, outcast,  comes home to see Jace Michaels, a very mysterious and attractive stranger, sprawled out in her room, she knows her life is about to turn upside-down. Once he informs her that he refuses to leave because needs a place to stay, she reluctantly agrees to let him hide out in her room. What or who is he hiding from though? What kind of dark secrets is he hiding from her? The real question is, what is she to do once she starts to fall hopelessly for him? The boy who is the complete opposite of her. The boy she thought she hated. Does she know just what kind of trouble she's about to get herself into?
I really like it!when is it gonna be off hold~ I wanna continue reading!
When is this gonna be off hold I really like it alot and I wanna finish it
This was a very unusual and interesting prologue, its great! :D
What a refreshing beautiful prologue this was.  I love the symbols of the sun and the storm and it flowed very very nicely.  Extremely good! :D
HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME :) voted ^_^ and in meh library ;D
Holy flipping fudge this is amazing. Your writing is almost lyrical I love it! Lemme keep reading haha