Rules of Extermination [Transformers]

Rules of Extermination [Transformers]

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「 ⲙ ⲟ ⲭ ⲓ ⲉ  ♡ 」 By MoxieAftermath Updated Aug 13, 2016

(Voted best Sequel in the TransformersFFAwards!)

The future remained foggy, and she could've swore she saw something dark forming in the distance. Everyone says the past, good or bad, shapes you, but how exactly does it do that? What is the outcome? You either come out crooked or fine. There is no in between. In loss you're suppose to learn a lesson, and in times of blackness your loyalty may come into question. Or, that is, where it lies.

Shadows are suppose to remain behind you; ghosts of the past are suppose to be exorcised. But what happens when the path ahead is too dark to see?

Ashes, ashes . . . We all fall down . . .

[Book 2 of the Darker series, sequel to 'A Darker Side!' Strongly recommended that the first book is read first. It will be provided in the external link of the first chapter! Enjoy! Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Universe]