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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You (Killua x Reader)

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You (Killua x Reader)

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jamie By killuaazoldyckk Completed

When a strange, mysterious boy with snowy white hair shows up at your school one faithful day, you've been barely able to take your eyes off him. As you begin to get closer and closer to him, could these feelings of friendship turn into something more?

But Killua has a secret. A secret so deadly that if anyone ever found out, he'd have no choice but to kill them.

Ultimate_Ko Ultimate_Ko Jun 17
Yay Gon's my best friend! (I actually want a friend like him)
Emi-Kee Emi-Kee 4 days ago
killua: wtf
                              me: wink wink wink x69
                              killua: w t f
                              me: hey babe, i've been feelin dry ;))
                              killua: *rips out my heart*
                              me: b-babe...
                              killua: .....
                              me: you just... STOLE my heart
                              killua: .....
                              me: ... *dies*
XkoalaXD XkoalaXD May 30
And now I am eternally afraid of getting detentions. *shivers*
-Krielle- -Krielle- May 31
*slices every fangirl in the classroom* I think that's all of them... So now, Killua, wanna marry us?
200th commenter. How in the world did Hisoka get to be a teacher and not get sued
-Krielle- -Krielle- May 31
Blood is red
                              Our veins are blue
                              See my middle finger?
                              It's for you.